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Wildcard SSL Certificate: Bonding of Lowest Cost and Strong Security

cheap wildcard ssl

Wildcard SSL Certificate allows you to secure an unlimited number of subdomains on a single certificate.

With the growing demand for online shopping, organizations moved to an online business where security is an inevitable part. Even rising cybercrime has also pushed organizations to think about IT infrastructure security because a single loophole can cost millions of dollars to the company.

In this article, we will talk about an important aspect of sub-domain security called Wildcard SSL certificate. Find More…

What is SSL?

SSL Certificate is a security protocol that creates an encrypted tunnel through which the information between two endpoints (let us say browser to the server) can be easily exchanged in a secured environment with the help of strong encryption.

Whether you are in an online business, banking or financial business, payment merchant, or any business that requires the exchange of customers’ sensitive information on a website, then your business requires SSL on an immediate basis.

There are different types of SSL certificates like SAN, wildcard, domain validation SSL, extended validation, code signing certificate. Each certificate has its own credibility and usage. Now let us deeply understand the Wildcard SSL Certificate.

What is Wildcard Certificate?

A Wildcard SSL certificate is necessary when you have multiple subdomains and want to save costs by getting a single security certificate. Wildcard SSL can secure unlimited sub-domains with an asterisk (*) placed before the primary domain name for example:

You have to issue a certificate on:


After that, you can assign or add individual subdomains like

Wildcard SSL assures that the certificate you purchased is provisioned for * And it will cover all sub-domains under a single roof.

How Wildcard SSL is Beneficial for Business?

IT department is always struggling with infrastructure and operation costs whether it is about IT support, software development, IT equipment, network cost, security cost, etc. Is Wildcard SSL for me? Of-course Wildcard SSL can cut down security costs for your organization.

For example, an individual SSL certificate (domain, business, or extended validation certificate), will cost you around $4 to $1200 or even more. However, with the individual certificate, you can secure only a single domain ( and you have to purchase an individual SSL certificate, for the rest subdomains, you will have to pay a higher cost for securing each subdomain at the end.

In the case of a Wildcard certificate, you can manage a large portfolio of subdomains with a single Wildcard SSL at the cheapest price. Thus, it saves the huge cost of IT infrastructure. Wildcard SSL is a simple and budget-friendly option when you need to protect multiple sub-domains.

Easy Certificate Management:

Managing multiple subdomains can be a hectic process but if you have chosen a wildcard certificate, you can easily manage a single certificate detail like expiry, renewal, reissuance for all your sub-domains.

By renewing SSL well-timed, you can save operational breakdowns, avoid vulnerabilities, and provide a relentless secure browsing experience to your customers.

However, we send regular reminders about SSL renewal to customers.

Advantages of Wildcard SSL Certificate

Secure Unlimited Subdomains:

Maximize the security of unlimited subdomains associated with a primary domain with strong 256-bit encryption. Moreover, the 2048-bit CSR encryption also ensures that the root security is more robust that keeps hackers away from ongoing information. Whenever the subdomains are added, they get strong security automatically without installing them separately.

Cost Saving SSL certificate: 

The wildcard is a cost-saving SSL certificate, especially when you give a chance to CheapSSLShop to secure your website. Moreover, there is no need to spend extra cost for adding subdomains, and all unlimited subdomains can be handled within a single wildcard SSL certificate.

Even, you can install Wildcard SSL on multiple servers without extra cost.

Easy SSL Management: 

Wildcard SSL certificate offers simplified certificate management. No need to remember multiple renewal dates, no need to do multiple reissues, and no extra cost associated with this certificate.

Due to a single renewal for all unlimited subdomains, there will be fewer chances of certificate expiry. Generally, Wildcard SSL certificate providers send reminder mail for timely renewal.

Fastest Issuance certificate: 

Wildcard SSL certificate can be domain validation or organization validation type. Once the primary domain is validated, the rest subdomains hierarchy is automatically verified and secured once the SSL certificate is installed. So, it is a time-saving certificate where no separate subdomain requires verification.

User Trust: 

Wildcard SSL certificate, once installed on the server, gives security indicators like HTTPS and a secured padlock as well as a site seal. When a user sees that the site is secured, they put trust in such secured sites. In the end, the benefit of the secured site goes to the company as more visitors will visit the site.

Trust Seal:

Wildcard SSL certificate comes with a site seal that ensures visitors about the website’s authenticity. A website holder can place a site seal on any webpage where high assurance is required. Upon seeing a trusted site seal, users get confidence in their data security.

Other Options:

As we have seen above, the Wildcard SSL certificate is the best solution for sub-domain security. But if you have only one domain to secure then you should go for Single Domain SSL which is the cheapest SSL certificate. A wildcard certificate cannot secure multiple domains but is ideal for securing unlimited subdomains. Therefore, if you want to secure Multiple Domain Names then you can go with SAN/UCC SSL Certificate.

EV SSL Certificate provides top-notch security to the website by Green Address Bar and sticks validation process.

Where you can find Cheap Wildcard SSL?

Wildcard certificate assures that all subdomains are secured under a single security roof. We at CheapSSLShop offer wildcard SSL certificates at affordable prices along with the finest customer support. Our 24*7 live chat support team will help you when you are struck around SSL purchase or installation. What you are waiting for, just browse your Wildcard certificate, and make a deal now.

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