SGC SSL certificates

Thawte SGC SuperCerts

Are you still using old browsers (128-bit encryption) and wish to go for SSL security for your website? Then it is time to take Thawte SuperCerts especially designed for website that can offer 256-bit encryption even accessing website in old browsers and empowers your website along with complete organization validation. By purchasing multiple year validity, you can save time and money too.

  • Enable strong encryption
  • Single Domain Name (FQDN)
  • 1-2 Business Days
  • USD $1,250,000 warranty
  • Organization Validation
starts from

per year

SGC SSL Certificates

Now your old browsers do not have to worry about the latest encryption because SGC SSL Certificate makes your browser practically strong to handle the latest 256-bit encryption. In addition, SGC SSL Certificate offers domain and business validation which also extends the scope of the reliability of your website. It supports your PC and Mobile browsers with holding a 99.9% browser recognition rate. SGC certificate also offers an easy process for renewal and purchase.

Server Gated Cryptography

SGC Certificate is a blessing for users working with old browsers. The latest SSL technology is equipped with a strong 256-bit encryption. Therefore, old browsers do not match with superior encrypted technology. However, with the use of SGC SSL certificate, old browsers will be enforced to connect with 256-bit strong encryption.

If the organization or person has got an old browser, the online information will be at risk, and hackers could crack your confidential information while doing online transactions. It enhances confidence in your customers. It turns your 40-bit encryption into 256-bit encryption. Therefore, users become free from a fear of stealing online information.

When SGC SSL certificate applies on your website, it helps to increase the credibility of a website. It maximizes traffic on your site. Moreover, a free site seal received from a seller authority helps to gain trust of a customer.

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