Beginning Guide to EV SSL

Get the highest level of trust and security with Extended Validation (EV). EV needs follow a process to obtain and verify multiple documents to confirm the identity of an organization.

Quick & Easy EV SSL Approval

Save time and get your EV quickly, and secure your website with our simple validation process. No additional proof required. You can take assistance from our 24/7 customer lifeline to complete the whole procedure.

EV Authentication requirements

EV authentication involves legal, physical, and operational existence of organizations. Furthermore, it requires verification of exclusive rights of domain usage, certificate approver’s identity.

Organization Authentication

Establish your organization with proper authentication including checks of government records and non-government records. Show your customers that trustworthy certificate authority has authenticated your organization.

Domain Authentication

Let CA does verify your domain as exactly shown in the certificate request; your organization name should reflect in the certificate request. Proves to CA that you have the right to use the domain name.

Contact Authentication

Prove to CA that the assigned person is the responsible behind the whole EV SSL procedure. CA will check the identity and authority of a certificate approver as shown in the certificate request for EV SSL application being made on behalf of an organization.

Order Verification Requirements

After making an order with certificate authority, CA will follow order verification process by calling on registered telephone number to confirm certificate approver identity, ownership of organization, domain rights, acknowledgment of signature etc.

Professional Opinion Letter

For further clarification, Lawyer’s opinion letter may be used to confirm the business registration, business address, phone number, domain ownership, and type of business.

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