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With a global presence in 240 countries, 1M+ users & 20+ years of industry expertise, Thawte dominates 40% of the worldwide SSL market. Buy Thawte SSL certificate for trusted online security.
Single Domain SSL
Get quick & strong encryption to secure your web server. No threat of phishing.

Wildcard SSL
Secure one domain & all subdomains with a single certificate. Quick Installation.

Multi-domain SSL
Use the same SSL certificate to secure all of your websites. Up to 250 SAN items.

Code Signing
Add a digital signature on applications to ensure that it has not been tampered with.

Thawte SSL Certificate – Key Features

Buy Thawte SSL Certificate for End-to-End Security Solutions – Starts at $43.20
Unlimited Server Licensing

Unlimited Server Licensing

Thawte SSL certificate offers unlimited server licensing means installing your certificate on several servers, and for that, you do not have to pay an additional server license fee.
Universal Device Compatibility

Universal Device Compatibility

Thawte promises 99% browser compatibility, complete adaptability with portable devices, and other web/mail services. Using a Thawte SSL certificate, all confidential data sent over the internet is efficiently and reliably protected.
Reliable Website Security

Reliable Website Security

From certificates with domain validation to those with extended validation, Thawte offers several SSL certificates. Each product is developed to satisfy specific corporate needs and adheres to industry norms for high assurance.
Premium SSL from Trusted CA

Internationally Trusted CA

Thawte was the first certificate authority to provide SSL certificates to public organizations outside of the US. Over 945,000 certificates have been issued in 240 countries since its inception in 1995.
Boosted Google Rankings

Boosted Google Rankings

One can improve their website’s search engine results by installing an SSL certificate. Although this is a minor shift in the Google algorithm, SSL certificates increase top rankings.
Thawte Trusted Seal

Dynamic Thawte Seal

Websites with a Thawte SSL certificate can show the trusted Thawte Site Seal on any pages they choose. This seal is available in 18 different languages, enabling users to confirm the legitimacy of websites in their own language.

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Award-winning services & internationally renowned roots, now managed by DigiCert, Thawte was the first Certificate Authority to identify and protect internationalized domain names (IDNs). With the help of this Certificate Authority, more users can browse the web safely in their own language.

Thawte offers the best value for SSL certificates owing to its knowledgeable assistance, reliable authentication procedures, and simple online management. Buy Thawte SSL certificates from CheapSSLShop to safeguard your online identity and reassure visitors that their information is secure.

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Renew/Buy Thawte SSL Certificates

Compare Thawte SSL Certificates for their features, prices, and deals to choose the most suitable certificate for your website, online ventures, and e-commerce businesses.
Brand Thawte Thawte Thawte Thawte
Product Name

Thawte SSL123 DV Certificate

Thawte SSL Webserver OV Certificate

Thawte SSL Webserver EV Certificate

Thawte SSL Webserver Wildcard OV Certificate

Price $43.20/yr. $101.25/yr. $209.25/yr. $364.50/yr.
License 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years
Buy / Renew Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Domain Secured Single Domain Single Domain Single Domain Single Domain and All Sub-domains
Validation Domain Validation (DV) Organization Validation (OV) Extended Validation (EV) Organization Validation (OV)
Issuance Time 10 Minutes 3 Days or Less 7 Days or Less 3 Days or Less
Warranty USD $500,000 USD $1,250,000 USD $1,500,000 USD $1,250,000
Wildcard Support NO NO NO Yes
Browser compatibility Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Refund 30 Days Refund 30 Days Refund 30 Days Refund 30 Days Refund
Unlimited Reissue Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Server Licenses Yes Yes Yes Yes
WWW / NON-WWW support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Malware Scan NO NO NO NO
Trust Seal thawte site seal thawte site seal thawte site seal thawte site seal

Thawte – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thawte SSL certificate?

Thawte SSL certificates, with their 20+ years of experience in the business, assure users that their information is secure by offering strong encryption. As a top global certificate authority, it offers internet security that is trusted by millions of people worldwide.

Which Thawte SSL certificate is best for me?

How does Thawte work?

How much does it cost to get a Thawte SSL certificate?

Is Thawte secure?

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