Multi-Domain (UCC/SAN) SSL Certificates

Protect Up to 250 Domains with One Multi-Domain SSL – Save Up to 75%

A Multi-Domain SSL certificate, also known as a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) certificate, is an SSL/TLS certificate that allows you to secure multiple domain names with a single certificate. Multi-Domain SSL certificates greatly benefit businesses that manage multiple websites, subdomains, or domains under a single brand.

Don’t let the complexities of managing multiple SSL certificates hold you back. Simplify your online security today with a Cheap Multi-Domain SSL.

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Top Reasons to Buy Multi-Domain SSL Certificate Today

Buy SAN SSL Certificate – Pay Less & Secure More
Secure Multiple Websites

Secure Multiple Websites

A single Multi-Domain SSL certificate can protect up to 250 domain names. They can be configured to secure subdomains and also several hostnames as well. Any number of sites can be added, removed, or substituted. Managing several websites at once is made very easy with this SSL.
One-time Verification

One-time Verification

The one-time verification procedure required increases this convenience. Multi-domain SSL/TLS certificates only need one identity verification across various domains, as opposed to single-domain SSL/TLS certificates that demand individual identity verification for each name.
Complete Website Reliability

Complete Website Reliability

Protecting numerous domains is extremely essential for online setups that provide various services from a single server. Both your company and your customers will be secured by using a multi-domain SSL/TLS certificate that secures all pages, upholding the authority of your website.
EV SSL Certificate

Get Multi-Domain (UCC/SAN) SSL Certificates for Maximum Security

With strong encryption and increased security, a Multi-Domain SSL certificate ensures that all your domains and subdomains are protected by the same high level of security. Using a Multi-Domain SSL certificate can increase visitor trust in your website, as it demonstrates that you have taken steps to secure all of your domains and subdomains. This can lead to increased customer confidence and sales.

When do you need a Multi-Domain SSL Certificate?

  • When you want to use a single SSL certificate to safeguard several websites.
  • When your businesses host many websites on the same IP address.
  • When you want to save time on authentication, installation and handling various certificates.

Key Features of Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

Get Secure & Reliable Multi-Domain SSL Certificates for Your Business
Robust Encryption

Robust Encryption

Multi-Domain SSL certificates provide strong encryption for all domains and subdomains included in the certificate, ensuring secure communication with website visitors.
Unlimited Reissues

Unlimited Reissues

If you need to add or remove a domain or subdomain, you can reissue your Multi-Domain SSL certificate to include the new information.
Flexible Configurations

Flexible Configurations

Multi-Domain SSL certificates are flexible and can be used to secure different combinations of domain names and subdomains, including different TLDs (Top-Level Domains).
Economical Prices

Economical Prices

At the cost of a single SSL certificate, you can secure multiple domains. This way, you no longer need to buy individual SSLs for each of your websites. Pay less & secure more.
Simple Management

Simple Management

Since this type of SSL supports multiple domains, it is easier to manage the certificate in a single location. This makes it an economical choice that will ultimately save you a ton of money.
24/7 Tech support

24/7 Tech support

With in-house technical experts, we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation for SSL support. Get 24/7 support from CheapSSLShop’s SSL certificate experts. We ensure a quick & effective resolution.

Buy a SAN SSL Certificate for Hassle-free Certificate Management

Stop worrying about the security of your online presence with a Multi-Domain SSL Certificate. Save time and money by purchasing and managing one certificate instead of several, and get the peace of mind that only comes with secure online browsing!

CheapSSLShop places a high priority on its customers’ privacy and maintains a safe website environment. All of its products include 256-bit encryption, which is the industry standard, and have a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Multi-Domain SSL certificate?

A Multi-Domain SSL certificate, also known as a Unified Communications Certificate (UCC), is a type of SSL certificate that can secure multiple domain names and subdomains with a single certificate.

How many domain names and subdomains can I secure with a Multi-Domain SSL certificate?

Can I add or remove domain names and subdomains from my Multi-Domain SSL certificate?

Can a Multi-Domain SSL certificate be used for WildCard subdomains?

Are Multi-Domain SSL certificates trusted by web browsers?

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