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BrandProduct NameTypeIssuance TimeCA WarrantySale PriceRetail PriceBuy / Renew
ComodoPositive SSLDV10 MinutesUSD $10,000$7.00/yr.$49.00/yr.Purchase
RapidSSLStandard SSL CertificateDV10 MinutesUSD $10,000$7.50/yr.$49.50/yr.Purchase
RapidSSLWildcard SSLDV10 MinutesUSD $10,000$75.00/yr.$224.50/yr.Purchase
ComodoEssential SSLDV10 MinutesUSD $10,000$8.10/yr.$70.95/yr.Purchase
ComodoPositive SSL WildcardDV10 MinutesUSD $10,000$59.50/yr.$229.00/yr.Purchase
ComodoEssential SSL WildcardDV10 MinutesUSD $10,000$68.00/yr.$189.50/yr.Purchase
ComodoEV SSLEV7 Days or LessUSD $1.75M$78.98/yr.$359.00/yr.Purchase
ComodoPositive SSL Multi DomainDV10 MinutesUSD $10,000$27.00/yr.$165.00/yr.Purchase
ComodoExchange Server SSL (UCC)DV10 MinutesUSD $250K$67.50/yr.$262.50/yr.Purchase
ComodoPositive SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard DV10 MinutesUSD $10,000$140.00/yr.$349.13/yr.Purchase
GeoTrustQuickSSL PremiumDV10 MinutesUSD $500K$37.50/yr.$130.50/yr.Purchase
GeoTrustTrue BusinessID CertificateOV3 Days or LessUSD $1.25M$69.00/yr.$174.00/yr.Purchase
GeoTrustTrue BusinessID WildcardOV3 Days or LessUSD $1.25M$332.00/yr.$524.50/yr.Purchase
GeoTrustTrue BusinessID EVEV7 Days or LessUSD $1.5M$125.00/yr.$261.50/yr.Purchase
GeoTrustMulti Domain SSLOV3 Days or LessUSD $1.25M$149.00/yr.$313.50/yr.Purchase
GeoTrustMulti Domain EVEV5 Days or LessUSD $1.5M$309.50/yr.$436.50/yr.Purchase
ThawteSSL123DV10 MinutesUSD $500K$29.00/yr.$129.50/yr.Purchase
ThawteSSL Web ServerOV3 Days or LessUSD $1.25M$65.00/yr.$172.50/yr.Purchase
ThawteSSL Web Server WildcardOV3 Days or LessUSD 1.25M$260.00/yr.$524.50/yr.Purchase
ThawteSSL Web Server EVEV7 Days or LessUSD $1.5M$130.00/yr.$299.00/yr.Purchase
SymantecSecure SiteOV3 Days or LessUSD $1.5M$262.00/yr.$347.50/yr.Purchase
SymantecSecure Site ProOV5 Days or LessUSD $1.5M$849.50/yr.$895.00/yr.Purchase
SymantecSecure Site EVEV5 Days or LessUSD $1.75M$682.00/yr.$895.00/yr.Purchase
SymantecSecure Site Pro EVEV7 Days or LessUSD $1.75M$1129.50/yr.$1347.50/yr.Purchase
GlobalSignDomainSSLDV10 MinutesUSD $10,000$174.00/yr.$224.00/yr.Purchase
GlobalSignOrganizationSSLOV3 Days or LessUSD $1.25M$217.50/yr.$314.00/yr.Purchase
GlobalSignDomain SSL WildcardDV10 MinutesUSD $10,000$567.50/yr.$764.00/yr.Purchase
GlobalSignExtendedSSLEV7 Days or LessUSD $1.5M$567.50/yr.$469.50/yr.Purchase
ThawteCode Signing CertificateOV5 Days or LessUSD $50K$125.00/yr.$259.50/yr.Purchase

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