Organization Validation Certificates

Organization Validation certificates are one-step ahead of Domain Validation certificates and refer to checking domain ownership and business-related documents; once it is confirmed, the authority can issue the certificate.

Cheap OV SSL Certificates

Compare the price and features of the OV SSL Certificates and choose the best certificate that meet your needs.

Brand Product Name Type Issuance Time CA Warranty Sale Price Retail Price Buy / Renew
GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificate OV 3 Days or Less USD $1.25M $63.20/yr. $159.20/yr. Purchase
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard OV 3 Days or Less USD $1.25M $303.20/yr. $479.20/yr. Purchase
GeoTrust Multi Domain SSL OV 3 Days or Less USD $1.25M $240.00/yr. $737.84/yr. Purchase
Thawte SSL Web Server OV 3 Days or Less USD $1.25M $60.00/yr. $159.20/yr. Purchase
Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard OV 3 Days or Less USD 1.25M $239.20/yr. $550.40/yr. Purchase
Symantec Secure Site OV 3 Days or Less USD $1.5M $239.20/yr. $319.20/yr. Purchase
Symantec Secure Site Pro OV 5 Days or Less USD $1.5M $687.20/yr. $796.00/yr. Purchase
GlobalSign OrganizationSSL OV 3 Days or Less USD $1.25M $199.20/yr. $282.60/yr. Purchase
DigiCert Secure Site OV 3 Days or Less USD $1.75M $239.20/yr. $319.20/yr. Purchase
DigiCert Secure Site Pro OV 5 Days or Less USD $2M $687.20/yr. $796.00/yr. Purchase

Organization Validation Certificate Features

Browser Compatibility

Browser Compatibility

Business validation certificate is most compatible with all mobile and desktop browsers; hence it avoids unwanted warnings. Customers can easily experience smooth browsing while surfing your website.

Robust Encryption

Robust Encryption

When your business passes the business validation process, it confirms that your website will have modern encryption standards with SHA256-bit encryption along with 2048-bit CSR encryption.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Organization validation SSL certificates come with a money-back guarantee that provides flexibility in the refund policy. SSL buyers can cancel and refund within 30 days from the purchase date and take back the total amount.

Business Authentication

Business Authentication

Customers will have utmost security over the website as the certificate authority verifies proper business-related documents and confirms their authenticity and existence.

Thawte SSL Web Server


Thawte SSL Web Server provides domain and Organization Validation at a reasonable cost. This certificate's primary purpose is to equip online shoppers with maximum security that makes them secure from online frauds. This SSL also establishes your identity as a verified business with a Thawte site seal trusted by millions of users. Thawte SSL Web Server is compatible mainly with universal desktop and mobile browsers.

GeoTrust True BusinessID


GeoTrust True BusinessID certificate verifies both your domain ownership and business authentication and sets up your organization's identity over the web. 256-bit encryption makes your customer's online information secure and protects them from third parties. The latest industry-standard encryption assures your customers and entices them to deal with your website.

GlobalSign OrganizationSSL


Assure your customers that they arrived on the right website, secured with GlobalSign OrganizationSSL. This certificate is a step ahead of the domain validation certificate and authenticates the organization's identity over the web. 256-bit encryption and clickable Secure Site Seal will help increase web conversations. As a result, the organization will reap a higher profit ratio.

DigiCert Secure Site


DigiCert Secure Site Certificate allows customers to browse your website in a secured environment. One of the most authenticated and well-known certificates comes with pre-installed anti-malware scanning, keeps your site clean daily, and alerts you against any malware detection. Besides, DigiCert Secure Site secures your website with 256-bit encryption and provides an additional seal-in search that augments website conversation.

DigiCert Secure Site Pro


Step up your old browsers with DigiCert Secure Site Pro with robust up to 256-bit encryption and protects the customer's online transactions without letting third party interruption. It comes with the domain and business authentication feature that proves your business's uniqueness over the web. You will also get daily vulnerability scanning free of cost to ensure your website is free from any vulnerability.

Organization Validation SSL Certificates

Put your site ahead of your rivals by verifying your organization's identity over the web with an Organization Validation certificate. It is superior to a domain validation certificate owing to its business authentication feature. The business has to go through the vetting document verification process as the Certification Authority checks all business-related documents before allotting a certificate. Your business will get dual benefits of domain ownership along with business validation.

Business validation enhances customers' confidence, and they feel secure over your website when they click on the lock icon on the browser to verify the identity of your business. Organization Validation certificates also come with a free site seal that adds additional surety about website authenticity. Moreover, all business validation certificates support more than 99% of browsers, whether mobile or desktop browsers.