Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard SSL certificates secure the main domain and its unlimited subdomains in minutes. Our Wildcard Certificate supports unlimited server licensing, re-issuance, strong encryption, subdomain security, and more. You can purchase wildcard Certificates at only $45.00/yr. from CheapSSLShop.com.

This certificate is one of the best security solutions for organizations handling subdomains to manage mail servers, user dashboards, shopping carts, blogs, and more. Wildcard Certificates automatically secure all first-level sub-domains by adding an asterisk (*) in front of your domain (Ex - *.example.com) in CSR which saves time & money. Buy Wildcard SSL at a cheap price - for up to 70% off the vendor's price.

Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard SSL Certificate Price Comparision

Brand Product Name Type Issuance Time CA Warranty Sale Price Retail Price Buy / Renew
RapidSSL Wildcard SSL DV 10 Minutes USD $10,000 $68.00/yr. $199.20/yr. Purchase
Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard DV 10 Minutes USD $10,000 $45.00/yr. $199.00/yr. Purchase
Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard DV 10 Minutes USD $10,000 $50.00/yr. $249.00/yr. Purchase
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard OV 3 Days or Less USD $1.25M $303.20/yr. $479.20/yr. Purchase
Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard OV 3 Days or Less USD 1.25M $239.20/yr. $550.40/yr. Purchase
GlobalSign Domain SSL Wildcard DV 10 Minutes USD $10,000 $519.20/yr. $687.60/yr. Purchase

Wildcard SSL Certificate - Secure Unlimited Sub-Domains

Who Needs Wildcard SSL?

Who Needs Wildcard SSL?

Wildcard SSL is perfect for Application Service Provider (ASP) or Software as a Service Provider (SAAS), where you need to secure all transactions that occur across multiple subdomains. It is also ideal for Microsoft Exchange Servers and CDN hosting platforms like Amazon AWS.

How Does Wildcard Certificate Work?

How Does Wildcard Certificate Work?

Wildcard Certificate for *.example.com can secure all current and upcoming subdomains. Even if your subdomains are placed on multiple servers, you can install the same certificate at all different servers without paying an extra cost.

Which One is Best for You?

Which One is Best for You?

Comodo performs a domain validation process to issue a Comodo SSL certificate. All certificates support 256-bit encryption security and higher browser compatibility. The price of Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard is available at cheap $45.00 price.

Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard


Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard certificate can secure the main domain and unlimited subdomains with industry-standard encryption. It confirms domain ownership and provides a single security solution for your entire sub-domains. There is no need to pay more for the security of subdomains; It will enable strong 256-bit encryption to protect your data traveling between the end-user and website.

Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard


Secure your main domain and unlimited subdomains with Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard. Comodo follows an online validation process to verify the domain name to get a certificate instantly without any paperwork. Wildcard SSL can secure *.yourdomain.com and mail.yourdomain.com, secure.yourdomain.com, anything.yourdomain.com.

RapidSSL Wildcard


RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate offers single protection for your main domain (known as Fully Qualified Domain Name or FQDN) and unlimited sub-domains. The certificate will avoid difficulty managing multiple sub-domains and offers a single-cost solution. Therefore, you do not have to set up a particular certificate for each sub-domain; RapidSSL Wildcard will do a needful job for your unlimited subdomains to secure your whole set of subdomains with a single certificate, and thus, can save your money and time.

Thawte Wildcard SSL


Thawte Wildcard SSL can protect your number of subdomains, so you do not need to buy an additional SSL certificate. You can secure the main domain and unlimited sub-domains installed on multiple servers. Thawte Trusted Site Seal offers utmost security satisfaction to customers and encourages them to deal with your website. With the Thawte Wildcard SSL certificate, you can set up an encrypted connection between a browser and the server with 256-bit encryption.

GeoTrust Wildcard SSL


Whether you wish to secure company pages (subdomains), mail server, shopping cart, or other online sensitive information, all you need to do is install GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard SSL. Secure your unlimited hostnames on unlimited servers under a single Wildcard certificate. Show your clients a trusted mark of a reputed certificate authority on your website and enhance your business conversations and profit too.

GlobalSign Wildcard SSL


GlobalSign Wildcard SSL expands the limit of securing sub-domains. A single character allows you to secure unlimited subdomains on unlimited servers. With domain.com, you can secure webmail.domain.com, blog.domain.com, etc. Even when customers click on GlobalSign Secure Site Seal, it will show the organization's details that ensure customers' trustworthiness.


Wildcard SSL Certificates at Cheapest Price

A wildcard SSL offers a single security solution for subdomains and primary domains. Managing multiple subdomains can be a daunting task, and the certificate lifecycle gets complicated due to multiple expiry dates and renewals. Cheap SSL Wildcard certificate includes each current and future subdomain under a single certificate to overcome this situation.

Cheap Wildcard SSL

Add an asterisk (*) for Unlimited

  • www.yourwebsite.com
  • blog.yourwebsite.com
  • secure.yourwebsite.com
  • shop.yourwebsite.com

Ex - *.yourwebsite.com secures the unlimited first level of subdomains. All first levels of subdomains and the main domain will be secured with 256-bit encryption security.

Wildcard SSL Certificate Benefits


Easy to Manage and Money Saving

Wildcard SSL certificate brings peace of mind by encompassing all subdomain and main domains into a single certificate thereby, eases certificate management. The certificate seems a cost-effective option when you have multiple subdomains of the main domain, as there is no need to spend an extra penny for the individual certificate.

Boost Rankings in Search Engines

HTTPS is one of the parts of search ranking algorithms. Google enforces webmasters to use SSL for web security and notify end-users by displaying "Not Secure" warning messages for non-secure HTTP pages in Chrome browsers. So, look better in search engines to get higher rankings.

Trust Signs Lead More Sales

Once you installed this certificate on your desired server(s), visitors will see the most visible trust signs HTTPS and a green padlock in the address bar for all subdomains. Accordingly, you can enhance customers' trust and improve conversions by placing it across multiple subdomains. Additionally, you will get a "Secure Trust Logo" with our certificate free of cost.

Secure Auto-Generated Sub-Domains

A Wildcard certificate can also protect all your automatically generated first-level sub-domains. Organizations can take advantage of this cert where an asterisk (*) will be a placeholder for each sub-domain. Additionally, few industries have a requirement to create seasonal or temporary sub-domains.

Unlimited Server License

Do your subdomains hosted on multiple servers? Don't worry; our wildcard certificates offer unlimited server licenses so that you can install the same certificate across all. You do not need to spend the extra amount on additional server licenses.

Validation & Issuance at its Best

Wildcard SSL/TLS Certificate comes in two different functionalities as Domain Validation and Organization Validation.

Free Unlimited Reissuance

The certificate re-issuance requires in the cases of private key loss, wants changes in certificate details, installation errors, or insects found in the active certificate. Certificates are equipped with unlimited certificate re-issuance so that you can reissue them anytime during the certificate lifespan.

99.9% Browser Compatibility

All SSL certificates will be directly issued by trusted certificate authorities recognized by all major browsers. So, we ensure that your visitors will never experience a "Not Secure" warning even if they access your website using desktop, mobile, or tablet browsers.

Why Choose Us?

CheapSSLShop is a globally authorized SSL certificate provider of well-known brands like Comodo, RapidSSL, Thawte, DigiCert, GeoTrust, and GlobalSign. You will find a broad range of Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificates in one place, as well as receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee, 30 days refund policy, and unmatched 24/7 technical and installation support. The prices are not so costly at CheapSSLShop.com. You just need to spend $45.00/yr. to get a wildcard SSL certificate.


Wildcard SSL certificate is a single certificate that secures the primary domain (Fully Qualified Domain Name or FQDN) and all its subdomains. You must add an asterisk (*) before a domain name to request your certificate that allows securing all first-level subdomains.