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A Wildcard SSL certificate is a simple solution to secure a primary domain along with numerous subdomains with a single certificate. An asterisk (*) symbol before the domain name secures active and even future subdomains. Hence, the certificate can protect numerous hosts that are part of the same root domain.

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Benefits of Wildcard Certificate

Top Reasons to Buy Wildcard SSL Now
Unlimited Subdomain Security

Unlimited Subdomain Security

If you opt for Wildcard SSL for *, you can safeguard an infinite number of subdomains with a single certificate, like “”, “”, “” and more. When completing your Certificate Signing Request, use an asterisk at the sub-domain level you wish to secure.
Easier Certificate Management

Easier Certificate Management

Wildcard SSL eliminates the need for a lengthy and complex process to manage numerous SSL certificates. There is no need to take distinct action for each certificate’s expiration, renewal, reissue, etc. Hence, certificate management is easier as businesses only have to focus on a single SSL Certificate.
Secured Potential Expansion

Secured Potential Expansion

A Wildcard SSL certificate will immediately cover any additional subdomains you add to your website while it is valid. Even without reissuing it, your Wildcard certificate will already include the new subdomain. Businesses that intend to expand their websites in the future will profit from this.
WildCard SSL

Unleash the full potential of your website with unbeatable security – Get a Cheap SSL WildCard.

Hackers always spy on websites with less security, and it is difficult for an owner to manage security when you have multiple subdomains too. The better option is to choose one WildCard SSL Certificate for all those subdomains and get secured without buying separate certificates.

When do you need a WildCard SSL Certificate?

  • When you have several first-level subdomains under the same domain (or plan to add more in the future)
  • If you’re a developer who frequently employs subdomains as testing environments
  • When your business employs various subdomains for various purposes

Key Features of Wildcard SSL Certificate

Cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate – Maximum Security & Reliability for Your Website
Unified Domain Protection

Unified Domain Protection

A Wildcard SSL Certificate lets you secure unlimited subdomains of your primary domain. Hence, you need only one SSL certificate to secure all the pages of your website. They give sites more flexibility when adding new subdomains.
Boosted Google Ranking

Boosted Google Ranking

According to a previous announcement from Google, HTTPS will be taken into account when determining rankings, and wildcard SSL can help your sites rise in the search engine results page. Protect every page and rank higher.
Superior Convenience

Superior Convenience

A Wildcard Certificate simplifies the entire SSL management process. You only need to buy, install & renew one certificate for your domain & all of its subdomains. This makes the whole process hassle-free.
Integrated Browser Support

Integrated Browser Support

A Wildcard SSL Certificate is compatible with all modern web browsers and devices. Because of this, visitors never see warning signals, fostering greater customer confidence and increasing sales.
Unlimited Server Licensing

Unlimited Server Licensing

There are no extra fees associated with Wildcard’s unlimited server licenses & reissues, so you don’t have to spend a dime on additional licenses. Moreover, even if they are hosted on different servers, it will secure all sub-domains.
Pocket-friendly Rates

Pocket-friendly Rates

Wildcard Certificates are pocket-friendly, as you get the benefit of securing unlimited subdomains. So, at a fraction of the cost, you can secure all your present and future subdomains. Buy one today!

Securing a Domain and Unlimited Subdomains Got Easier With CheapSSLShop

CheapSSLShop places a high priority on its customers’ privacy and maintains a safe website environment. All of its products include 256-bit encryption, which is the industry standard, and have a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back policy.

To secure your complete online presence with a single certificate, use a cheap Wildcard SSL. While demonstrating to your visitors that every aspect of your online existence is completely safe, you get protection and savings. Get the cheapest Wildcard SSL with us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an SSL certificate and a Wildcard SSL certificate?

A standard SSL can protect a single domain. Whereas, with a Wildcard SSL certificate, a primary domain and unlimited subdomains can be protected. CheapSSLShop provides great deals on SSL/TLS Certificates. Get one today.

What are the advantages of a WildCard SSL certificate?

How many subdomains can I cover with a WildCard certificate?

Can I use a WildCard SSL Certificate on multiple servers?

Can I use a WildCard SSL certificate for multiple domains?

How much does WildCard SSL cost?

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