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Thawte Code Signing Certificate

Do not let your code unsecure and get Thawte Code Signing Certificate that guarantees developers that their code is authenticated. Thawte Code Signing provides software code protection along with code and content integrity. Code Signing protects code and content integrity that provides a surety about software code. It assures users that there is no risk in downloading the software, it also reduce warnings and error messages. It is compatible with Java, Microsoft, Adobe, Apple Inc.

  • Secure Delivery of Code
  • Software Security
  • 2-3 Business Days
  • USD $50,000 warranty
  • Code Authentication
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Code Signing SSL

Code Signing Certificates

Confirm your software code’s authenticity with Code Signing Certificate and ensure your users that the code is not altered and safe to download. This will establish the legitimate identity of your software and saves it from piracy. When a user tries to download software, it shows a pop up message about software authenticity. Today Code Signing Certificates are in demand due to increase of malicious sites and applications.

Make your software code signature free from malicious and authenticated with Code Signing Certificate. A certificate is valuable for software developers and downloader, identifying the software legitimacy. It displays a message showing “unknown publisher” when any malicious software found. Downloader can protect his PC from malicious downloads. Code Sign ensures that the code is not modified, and it is from an identified publisher.

Authenticate the Code Signature

Code Sign helps software developers, for code implementing, update and patches for software it ensures the software’s authenticity. It involves two keys one is for public, and the other is for the developer. Developers use a private key to build or update software. The developer can make this key or receive from a trusted certificate authority. Code Signing Certificate attests the source and reliability of a code.

When a developer makes software, and if it is hacked or infected, customers will never trust your software. With Code Sign developers can feel relax from software hacking. It eliminates software warnings and can gain confidence from your customers.

Secure Distribution of Code and Content

Make sure your software users about the code legitimacy with Code Signing that works exactly in that direction, it assures users and software developers that the code is not compromised and it provides code integrity and your download contains no malicious code. Code signing certificate reduces error messages and security warnings. It makes easy online distribution of software and provides relief to software developers.

Software developer always tries to maintain the legitimacy of software code, but sometimes it could be dangerous for developers when software is lacking in proper coding security. Code Signing Certificate removes a fear from the mind of software developers regarding software code protection.

Code Signing Certificate is available for Java, Microsoft, Adobe, Apple Inc. When software developers want to publish a software code on the internet, can use code signing certificate. It shows a message “unknown publisher” when any malicious download occurs. It increases the customer’s confidence and there is no harmful in downloading the software.

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