Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Comodo Code Signing certificate signs the code with strong public-key encryption along with strict organization validation. The certificate ensures that the code is authenticated and is not altered once it is signed. Secure the code and enhance customers’ trust with the Comodo Code Signing certificate at cheap prices from CheapSSLShop.

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Cheapest Comodo Code Signing Certificate

Comodo's Code Signing certificate helps software distributors to win end-users confidence by offering them code integrity, assuring them that the code is developed from you only. The certificate displays the company name or individual name as a software publisher to distribute code/content over the web without any hesitation and facing “unknown publisher” warning.

A software publisher must pass through a strict organization validation process that requires business registration details (legally and operational existence), address, phone number, and third-party business directory verification. Suppose you are an individual developer, then a photo identity proof, phone call verification is required for validation purposes. The whole validation process may take up to 3 days.

Why Comodo Code Signing Certificate?

  • Code Integrity: The Signed code remains secure and unaltered since it is signed with strong hashing algorithm. End users knows easily that the software they are going to download is safe and untampered. As a result, there will be chances of more downloads in near future. Moreover, organization validation confirms that the identity is verified.
  • Assurance: The code signing certificate guarantees that the code is not modified since it is signed so, end users can download it without any hassle.
  • Removes Warning: Software is signed with strong hash that establishes publisher’s identity and removes any unknown/untrusted warning.
  • Trustworthiness: The software code remains safe and trusted and ideal for commercial software distribution. Customers can easily identify the publisher’s identity.
  • Organization Validation: The certificate thoroughly checks business and legal identity of a publisher/company and creates a secure environment for downloaders/users.
  • Authenticity: It offers an organization validation that takes 3-4 days in issuance with proper business documents’ verification. Hence, a strong authenticity is developed, and users can safely download software.
  • Compatibility: All major platforms (Microsoft Authenticode, Java, MS Office, VBA, Mozilla object files, Adobe AIR, etc.), mobile, and browsers are compatible with this Certificate.
  • Timestamp: This certificate comes with a timestamp feature that never lets your code expired even the certificate is expired. Software users easily recognize an authenticate signature.

All Specification

Brand Comodo
Product Name Comodo Code Signing Certificate
Algorithm 256-Bit SHA-2
Validation Type Organization Validation
Issuance Time 1-3 Business Days
Instant MS SmartScreen Filter NO
Two-factor Authentication NO
Verified Publisher Yes
Microsoft Office & Microsoft VBA Yes
Microsoft Authenticode Signing Yes
Apple OS X Signing Yes
Java Signing Yes
Qualcomm Brew App Signing NO
Windows Phone Apps Signing Yes
Adobe Air Signing Yes
Reissuance Yes
Warranty N/A
Refund Policy 30 Day 100% Money Back
Sale Price USD$69.00/yr.
Buy / Renew Buy / Renew

Benefits of Comodo Code Signing Certificates

Most Reliable Brand

Verifies Publisher’s Identity

This certificate offers organization validation that verifies the organization’s existence and creates a bridge of trust between the publisher and end users. Users easily identify that software comes from the publisher who has signed it with strong hash. The certificate allows publishers to sign software, macros, drivers, virus update, conf. files and other content.

Remove Warnings

Eliminate Warnings

Certificate comes with authentication and established organization’s reputation. Users confidently downloads software with timestamp feature to keep the code valid even, the certificate expires. Generally, unsigned code shows an unknown publisher warning while downloading the software. Contrary, the signed code removes such nasty warning and offers a secure environment to end users.

Modern Security


Timestamping works to keep the signed code valid in case of a certificate expiry. After binding time stamped signature to the code, a publisher can publish a software over the web. In case, if the certificate is revoked for some reason, the signature done on software/application before the revocation date will remain valid and software will work. A signature will be checked every time whenever a user runs the software. In case, the timestamp is not there, the software will not work.

Domain Authorization

Users’ Assurance

Users will have a confidence when they download the software as publisher’s identity is verified. A single developer or a company can sign a code under their own name. End users easily know that the code is came from the mentioned publisher. Thus, the reputation of a business is established, and the signed code remains intact as it is not being tampered since it is signed.

Verified Publisher Identity

Organization Validation

The identity of publisher will be verified with operational and legal documents of a business. This establishes the reputation of a publisher. End users also get satisfied upon seeing a verified and digitally signed code. Such industry standard validation process requires up to 4 days. All registration details, publisher’s phone, address will be verified by the Comodo authority.

Universal Platforms Compatibility

Universal Platforms Compatibility

Comodo Code Signing Certificate is highly compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, Mac OSX and Linux OS. Moreover, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe AIR, Java, Mozilla objects also supports such Code Signing certificate. End users using Microsoft Authenticode and micro format like 32-bit or 64-bit executable files (.exe, .ocx, .dll, .cab, kernel mode software) files can digitally sign them with this certificate.