GlobalSign Wildcard SSL

GlobalSign Domain Wildcard SSL follows domain validation process and secures unlimited sub domains pointing to main primary domain. Wildcard SSL is the cost effective certificate when you want to secure unlimited host-names with single certificate.

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Take advantage of lowest price with multi-year options. The certificate will be issued for 1 year then you’ll need to regenerate a certificate. It's an easy & free process. Read more.

10 Minutes


$10,000 Warranty


Domain Validation


Green Address Bar


SAN Support


Sub-Domain Security


GlobalSign DomainSSL Wildcard

GlobalSign Domain Wildcard SSL can be issued to a single fully qualified domain name and allows enterprise to secure sub domains. If you go for a standard SSL certificate, you will have to buy individual certificate for each sub domain. It will be quite expensive in long run whereas GlobalSign Domain Wildcard SSL can secure unlimited sub domains with a single asterisk (*) along with SHA-256 bit encryption. Certificate issued on * will protect, or

GlobalSign Wildcard SSL certificate will work for:

GlobalSign Wildcard SSL certificate

You can use this certificate to secure unlimited sub domains that have been issued to your primary domain. If the base domain name is shared by all your sub domains, GlobalSign Wildcard SSL certificate is enough to keep all of them secure.

Core Solution for Your Sub Domains

GlobalSign Wildcard SSL comes with the asterisk feature that allows you to use this certificate on any sub domain that belongs to your main domain name. You don't need to add sub-domains at later as Wildcard SSL issued with asterisk will cover unlimited sub-domains instantly.

GlobalSign Wildcard SSL simplifies SSL certificate management especially for sub-domains. Administrator will have to take care about only one certificate rather than managing multiple certificates. To know more about GlobalSign Wildcard SSL certificate, contact us now.

All Specification

Product NameGlobalSign Wildcard SSL
Domain SecuredSingle Domain and All Sub-domains
Get forE-commerce website, Forum & Blog
ValidationDomain Validation (DV)
Issuance Time10 Minutes
WarrantyUSD $10,000
Browser compatibility99.9% all desktop and mobile browsers
Mobile support100% Mobile & Smartphone support
Refund30 Days Refund
ReissueUnlimited re-issuance during Certificate lifespan
Server LicensesAs many server licenses as you wish
WWW and NON-WWW supportYes
SSL Encryption256 bit encryption
Key Length2048-bit
SHA2 CompatibleYes
Google Ranking boostYes
Green Address BarNO
SAN SupportNO
Malware ScanYes
Vulnerability AssessmentNO
Trust SealGlobalSign Secure Site Seal
Seal in SearchNO
Paper WorkNot Required
Sale PriceUSD$519.20/yr.
Buy / RenewBuy / Renew

Why Choose GlobalSign DomainSSL Wildcard?

Secure Site Seal

Secure Site Seal

You will get free secure site seal with GlobalSign DomainSSL Wildcard certificate, which brings added credibility to your site. GlobalSign Secure Site Seal helps to improve the profitability of your business.

Fast SSL Issuance

Fast SSL Issuance

Quick issuance means your site can experience the benefits of security quickly. You don’t put the security of your website in jeopardy even for a short amount of time.

SSL Encryption

Up to 256 Bit Encryption

High security guarantees a superior level of protection for your site. You can ensure visitors that no third party will be able to access the shared information. This is one of the most secure SSL certificates available on the market.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Cross Browser Compatibility

GlobalSign Wildcard SSL certificate is compatible with all popularly used browsers. You don't have to worry about browser warning generally occurs because of browser incompatibility with SSL certificate. That is not going to happen.