Thawte SSL Web Server

Thawte SSL Web Server certificate carries the highest browser and server ubiquity and carries 2048-bit key and 256-bit encryption along with a trusted site seal to assure customers about website authenticity.

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Take advantage of lowest price with multi-year options. The certificate will be issued for 1 year then you’ll need to regenerate a certificate. It's an easy & free process. Read more.

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USD $1.25M


Business Validation


Green Address Bar


SAN Support


Sub-Domain Security


Thawte Web Server SSL Certificate (Thawte SSL Webserver OV)

Thawte SSL Web Server certificate is organization validation that helps prove business authentication and show your customers that your website is strong enough for online transactions. As a prime certificate authority with dissimilar SSL products, SSL Web Server is a worldwide accepted SSL certificate that meets different organizational requirements. It carries 30 days money-back guarantee, free reissues, and robust up to 256-bit encryption.

This Certificate offers you domain and business validation at a low cost. The main object of this certificate is to furnish the highest security to online shoppers so that they will be safe from online frauds and remain safe and secure over the web.

Thawte Web Server SSL Certificate is a highly encrypted certificate having a universal ubiquity of mobile and PC browsers. Thawte understands the importance of business identity in online business; therefore, it is essential to prove your online identity with this certificate and assure your customers that you mind them and that your site is secure for confidential online transactions. The Certificate Authority will check the necessary documents before issuing such a certificate.

  • 2048 bit root Certificate
  • Be registered for a term of max. 2 years
  • Get your certificate issued within a single day
  • Trusted Site Seal
  • Free reissue the certificate for all life (eg loss of private keys)

All Specification

Product NameThawte SSL WebServer
Domain SecuredSingle Domain
Get forMedium level e-commerce sites
ValidationOrganization Validation (OV)
Issuance Time3 Days or Less
WarrantyUSD $1,250,000
Browser compatibility99.9% all desktop and mobile browsers
Mobile support100% Mobile & Smartphone support
Refund30 Days Refund
ReissueUnlimited re-issuance during Certificate lifespan
Server LicensesUnlimited Server Licenses
WWW and NON-WWW supportYes
SSL Encryption256 bit encryption
Key Length2048-bit
SHA2 CompatibleYes
Google Ranking boostYes
Green Address BarNO
SAN SupportNO
Malware ScanNO
Vulnerability AssessmentNO
Trust SealDynamic - Thawte Trusted Site Seal
Seal in SearchNO
Paper WorkBusiness Documents Required
Sale PriceUSD$60.00/yr.
Buy / RenewBuy / Renew

Thawte SSL Web server Features

Organization Validation

Organization Validation

Certificate follows organization validation in which business identity and domain ownership are verified. Organization validation requires legal business documents for verification.

WWW & non-WWW

WWW & non-WWW Support

Secures www and a non-www domain means if the certificate is issued on www domain, it will also secure non-www domains. For example, and will both be secured.

$1250K Warranty

$1250K Warranty

It provides a $1250K warranty in case of any wrong certificate issuance. It shows how Thawte is attentive and transparent in the case of SSL certificate issuance.

Browser compatibility

Browser compatibility

Whether you browse via Smartphone, mobile, or desktop browser, the certificate is compatible with almost all devices. Hence, customers will have no issue with browser warnings while visiting your website.

30 Days Refund

30 Days Refund

If the buyer is not satisfied for any reason with this product, he can return it within 30 days of the purchased date. We will not ask any questions for such a return of the product.

Strong Encryption

256-bit RSA Encryption

One of the best 256-bit RSA encryption will be there to secure your online data and traveling information between the browser and the webserver. It keeps intruders away from your website.