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Vendor Price / Year $199.00 $172.50 $165.00 - -
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Thawte SSL Web Server

Prove your business authenticity by applying Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate on your website and show your customers that your website is enough strongly for securing online transactions. As a prime certificate authority with a dissimilar SSL product, SSL Web Server is a worldwide accepted SSL certificate that meets different organizational requirements. It carries 30 days money back guarantee and free reissues to users and a robust up to 256-bit encryption.

Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate offers you domain and business validation at a low cost feature. The main object of this certificate is to furnish a highest security to online shoppers so that they will be safe from online frauds and remain safe and secure over the web.

SSL Web Server Certificate is a highly encrypted certificate having a universal ubiquity of mobile and PC browsers. Thawte understand the importance of business identity, in online business therefore, it is essential to prove your online identity with this certificate and assure your customers that you mind them, and your site is secure for confidential online transactions.

SSL WebServer takes two days after the issuance procedure. The Certificate Authority will check the necessary documents before issuing such a certificate.

  • High 256-bit encryption 2048 bit root Certificate
  • Advanced NetSure ® warranty: USD $1,250,000
  • Be registered for a term of 1 to max. 4 years
  • Get your certificate issued within 2-3 days
  • 30 days full money-back guarantee (from date of issue)
  • Dynamic Site Seal
  • High-browser compatibility (> 99%)
  • Free reissue the certificate for all life (eg loss of private keys)
  • Organization Validation, analysis of company data

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