What is Typosquatting? – Definition and Explanation

Users love digital purchases and often order their preferred stuff from their desired e-commerce store.  Sometimes, even if their order is placed and online payment is made, the item has not been delivered ...


An SSL Certificate secures digital infrastructure by using cryptographic keys and mathematical algorithms which encrypt the data transfer between a client and a server. But sometimes, some network intrusions ...

Everything You Need to Know About SSL Certificates

Overview SSL stands for secure socket layer, a worldwide ideal security technology enabling encrypted communication between a server and a browser. SSL Certificate creates a trusted environment where ...

Things to Know Before you Buy an SSL Certificate

These basic ssl certificate tips will help newbies get up to speed. If you are launching a new business website/blog then it is must to have the proper selection of SSL Certificate. Not all SSL Certificates ...

TLS 1.3 Version is Coming in Force in April 2017

Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its forerunner SSL (secure socket layer) are both cryptographic protocols that provide secure communication over the network. Earlier, SSL3.0 was deprecated in June 2015 ...
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