Multi Domain (SAN/UCC) SSL Certificates at $21.60

Multi Domain SSL certificates are also known as UCC or SAN SSL certificates. It can secure multiple sites and subdomains using a single certificate. You can get low-priced SAN SSL certificates at $21.60/yr. from CheapSSLShop. Just add Subject Alternative Names (SAN) during an order process.

Cheap Multi Domain SAN SSL Certificates

Here’s the List of Right Multi-Domain SSL Certificates - Price and features

Brand Product Name Type Issuance Time CA Warranty Sale Price Retail Price Buy / Renew
Comodo Positive SSL Multi Domain DV 10 Minutes USD $10,000 $21.60/yr. $119.00/yr. Purchase
Comodo Exchange Server SSL (UCC) DV 10 Minutes USD $250K $60.00/yr. $228.00/yr. Purchase
Comodo Positive SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard DV 10 Minutes USD $10,000 $120.00/yr. $318.20/yr. Purchase
GeoTrust Multi Domain SSL OV 3 Days or Less USD $1.25M $240.00/yr. $737.84/yr. Purchase
GeoTrust Multi Domain EV EV 5 Days or Less USD $1.5M $390.00/yr. $904.36/yr. Purchase

SAN SSL Certificate Features

Multiple Domain Protection

Multiple Domain Protection

SAN certificate is a money-saving certificate that can protect multiple domains and sub-domains with a single SSL certificate. The certificate is suitable for QA testing environments, SMBs, and shared hosting.


$1500K NetSure Warranty

SAN/UCC certificate also offers up to a $1500K warranty in case of any miss-issuance of SSL and assures owners that they are getting strong security with financial safety.

Strong Encryption

Strong Encryption

The certificate comes with SHA 256-bit encryption that binds online transactions strongly and protects traveling data from prying eyes. Even root certificates are also having 2048-bit CSR encryption.

Browsers Compatibility


UCC/SAN certificate is primarily compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, Office Communications Server and runs well on desktop and mobile browsers.

Comodo Multi Domain / SAN SSL


You can add up to 100 domains/subdomains in the SAN field with a Comodo Multi domain SSL with superior 256-bit encryption. Customers will feel safe on your secured website; hence it will increase visitor traffic and business ROI. Comodo Site seal with the date and time stamp is a safety mark for customers.

Comodo Exchange Server SSL


Comodo UCC certificate offers strong encryption between the email application and server. A single certificate allows you to secure multiple domains. You can add up to 100 SANs with a single certificate and save your hard-earned penny easily. Your online business will have intense strength of 256-bit encryption that will keep intruders away. Customers on your website will have a smooth browsing experience and leave your website with a positive remark that will benefit business reputation in the long run.

Comodo Positive SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard


Comodo Positive SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard is fit for those individuals and businesses who want to secure different domains and subdomains. The certificate protects two different domains and sub domains. Moreover, you will have domain validation, 256-bit encryption, and 2048-bit RSA encryption for solid security over the website.

GeoTrust Multi Domain SSL


Do you want to secure multiple domains with a single SSL certificate? GeoTrust Multi Domain (UCC / SAN) SSL certificate is an ideal and cost-efficient solution for QA testing environments, SMBs, and shared hosting. It is compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007/2010/2016 and Office Communications Server 2007/2010. Customers will rely on your website when looking at GeoTrust True Site Seal with a date/time stamp.

GeoTrust Multi Domain SSL with EV


GeoTrust Multi Domain EV SSL certificate allows you to add and protect up to 25 domain names or sub domains with a single certificate. You will get a free-of-charge GeoTrust True Site Seal that assures your customers that GeoTrust has strictly verified the organization details by following an extended validation procedure. GeoTrust Multi Domain EV SSL is specially designed for single certificate management, showing extended validation on the website.

Cheap UCC/SAN(Multi domain) SSL Certificates

If you are facing trouble installing and managing multiple certificates for your multiple domains, then it is time to invest in a SAN SSL Certificate. It can secure multiple domains with a single certificate with simple certificate management. It is easy to purchase a trusted SAN certificate for your multiple domains.The user can easily renew SAN certificate on CheapSSLShop and enjoy the everlasting SSL security for his website in a few steps. SAN/UCC SSL Certificate also comes with robust encryption and 99% browser support.

SAN SSL Certificate or Unified Communication Certificate provides you the flexibility to secure multiple domains and sub-domains on a single certificate. UCC SSL is widely utilized in development hubs, testing environments, network security. It ensures customers secure online transactions. SAN SSL requires only the domain CSR key, and the rest domains will be enclosed under this domain key. SAN is compatible with mobile and PC browsers.