UCC/ SAN SSL certificates

GeoTrust Multi Domain SSL

Do you want to secure multiple domains with a single SSL certificate? GeoTrust Multi Domain (UCC / SAN) SSL certificate is an ideal and cost efficient solution for QA testing environments, SMBs, and shared hosting. It is mostly compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007/2010 and Office Communications Server 2007/2010. GeoTrust UCC certificate is Customers will rely on your website when they look at GeoTrust True Site Seal with date/time stamp.

  • To secure multiple domains
  • Up to 25 Domains Names
  • Issue less than 2 days
  • USD $1,250,000 warranty
  • Organization Validation
starts from

per year

GeoTrust Multi Domain SSL with EV

GeoTrust Multi Domain EV SSL certificate allows you to add and protect up to 25 domain names, IP, sub domains without any cost. You will get free of charge GeoTrust True Site Seal that assures your customers that GeoTrust has strictly verified the organization details by following extended validation procedure. GeoTrust Multi Domain EV SSL is especially designed for a single certificate management with showing extended validation on the website.

  • Multiple domains – green bar
  • Multiple Domain Names
  • Issue less than 10 days
  • USD $1,500,000 warranty
  • Extended Validation
starts from

per year

One SSL Multiple Website

UCC / SAN SSL Certificates

If you are facing trouble with installing and managing multiple certificates for your multiple domains then, it is a time to invest in a SAN SSL Certificate that can secure your multiple domains with a single certificate without investing single extra money. Now it is easy to purchase trusted SAN certificate for your multiple domains. User can renew SAN through online with few easy steps and can enjoy the everlasting SSL security for his website. SAN/UCC SSL Certificate also comes with robust encryption and 99% browser support.

Secure Multiple Domains with One Certificate

SAN SSL Certificate or Unified Communication Certificate provides you suppleness to secure multiple domains, sub domains on a single certificate. UCC SSL is widely utilized in development hub, testing environments, network security. It ensures customers regarding secure online transactions. SAN SSL requires only domain CSR key, and the rest domains will be enclosed under this domain key. Unlike all SSL, SAN is compatible with mobile and PC browsers.