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Wildcard SSL- Strong Encryption with Multiple Subdomain Ability

wildcard ssl - strong encryption with multiple subdomain ability

The Wildcard SSL Certificate is the best certificate to secure online transactions. People are becoming smarter about security concerns. They started to check the reliability of a website. If any site has no security seal, they will avoid shopping from that site. In our society, Phishing fraud is increasing rapidly. If you do not care about your password, login ID, or credit card no, they can be hacked.

When visitors look at your web address starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP, they realize your site’s legitimacy.

Wildcard SSL saves your information that flows between the user’s web and online server. It converts your personal information into code language so outsiders may not recognize it. Thus, customer’s confidence rises and will show interest in online shopping. You can secure your website URL with unlimited sub-domains with this certificate. A site does not have a valid SSL certificate; a warning message will pop up on the address bar showing that the site is not legitimate.

Many certificate authorities deliver SSL Wildcard Certificate with 256-bit encryption, 99% browser compatibility, and a money-back guarantee. Wildcard certificate supports web server, hosting control panel, FTP servers, and SMTP servers. It shows the certificate holder’s name, serial no, expiration date, public key, a digital signature authority on the certificate. It nearly takes one day for the issuance. If one server gets unprotected, all servers will become defenseless.

The Wildcard Certificate is a cost-saving certificate, and that is why it is popular among online business owners. The owner can handle distinctive certificate, which assures all their subdomains, and they do not have to purchase individual certificates for every single domain. They can easily renew them after the expiry date.

If they accept Time Stamping, technology, there will be no worry of expiry date because time-stamping save your certificate from an expiry.

There are different types of SSL certificates available in the market as per business types and needs. However, a wildcard certificate is the only answer to protect your site at a reasonable price.

SSL certificate becomes a necessity for all businesses to safeguard their customer’s security and interest.

If you do not have security, then your customer will never visit your site again.

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