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RapidSSL Wildcard

RapidSSL wildcard certificate is the best option for Small and Medium businesses looking for cheaper solution to protect multiple sub-domains. cheapSSLshop offers wide range of Wildcard SSL but RapidSSL wildcard certificate is the cheapest certificate amongst them. Here, cheap price does not mean cheap is quality! We are an authorized re-seller of RapidSSL, so when you buy Wildcard SSL from us, you will get same certificate as seen on RapidSSL official website at lowest price.

RapidSSL Wildcard certificate issued with unlimited servers and sub-domains licenses enables HTTPS with 256-bit ssl encryption. This licensing flexibility makes RapidSSL Wildcard being the most selling wildcard compare to others.

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate Overview

A simple domain authentication process makes certificate issuance process very fast and you receive wildcard SSL in 10 minutes or less. You should generate wildcard certificate CSR key for *.yourdomain.net for enrollment process.

A renowned SSL among organizations possesses a distinct identity from standard SSL. It is a cost-efficient technology that saves money of a user. Wildcard can cover unlimited sub domains on an individual server. Therefore, the user does not have to install a single SSL for each server and thus, can save money and time. Moreover, a robust encryption makes a wildcard strong enough to face against the vulnerability and provide a secure environment to users. A vital security that is a must for a successful online business also helps to gain self-confidence of customers. RapidSSL Wildcard is a low-cost certificate compared to any other. The whole procedure relating to obtaining a wildcard is done through online requires no paperwork.

Important Aspects of RapidSSL Wildcard

Subdomain Icon

Secure unlimited sub-domains

RapidSSL Wildcard issued for *.yourdomain.com will secure unlimited sub-domains in single ssl certificate. Yes, you do not need to manage separate ssl certificate for each sub-domain.

Instant Issuance Icon

Instant issuance – No paperwork!

RapidSSL Wildcard is followed by simple domain verification process and it makes SSL issuance process very fast and you receive SSL in 10 minutes or less. Receive domain authorization email to admin contact, authorize SSL request and receive SSL Certificate.

Server Licenses Icon

Unlimited server licenses at free cost

Most likely sub-domains are hosted on different servers and customers need to install SSL for every sub-domain on multiple servers. We offer unlimited server licensing with every RapidSSL Wildcard purchase and you can install same SSL certificate for all your sub-domains on single as well multiple servers.

Warranty Icon

$10K warranty offered by RapidSSL

CA offers $10,000 NetSure warranty with RapidSSL Wildcard. For more information on warranty please contact to CA.

SSL Encryption Icon

Up to 256 bit SSL Encryption

RapidSSL Wildcard requires 2048-bit CSR key per CAB forum standards to support 256 bit SSL encryption.

Browser and Mobile Compatibility

Browser and mobile phone support

RapidSSL certificates are designed to support all types of browsers, mobile phones, smartphones, operating systems and networking devices.

Re-insurance Icon

Free Re-key & Re-insurance

Cheap SSL shop offers free cost rekey and reissue with every RapidSSL Wildcard purchase. Rekey your wildcard certificate unlimited times at free cost.

Refund Policy Icon

30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

In case wildcard ssl certificate does not work as expected for any reason you need to cancel certificate and need refund. No worries, we offer 30 days 100% money back guarantee.

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