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Top 5 Best Cheapest Wildcard SSL Certificate Providers

Top 5 Best Cheapest Wildcard SSL Certificate Providers
Are you looking for a cheapest wildcard SSL certificate then you are at the right place! Check out our list of the Best cheap and reliable Wildcard SSL Certificates Providers. Save money when purchasing SSL.

Digitalization is a prevalent term in today’s world. It’s a process where information is converted in digital format. Advanced technology makes it easier to access and preserve data, but it also has its dangers. Digital information is an open path for cyber-criminals if proper security measures are not taken.

Of all other security measures, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption security is a must, specifically for websites. Encryption of data transmitted between servers and browsers gives a tough time to hackers who are ready to steal your data. You can find different types of SSL certificates in SSL industry. One such SSL security comes in the form of a Wildcard SSL certificate.

What is Wildcard SSL Certificate?

Different SSL certificates secure your site in different ways. Wildcard SSL certificate is the most appropriate way to secure the primary domain of your website along with unlimited sub-domains. Since this digital certificate secures your whole business in one certificate, it is very cost-effective and a favourite amongst corporate companies and large enterprises.

Let’s say your domain name is, Wildcard SSL secures all the sub-domains shown below.


Why Choose Wildcard SSL Certificate?

Apart from securing multiple sub-domains with a single certificate, Wildcard SSL certificate is quite popular amongst web hosts too. With one single IP address, this SSL can be installed on multiple sites also. It saves cost to be spent after individual SSL certificate for each subdomain.

Some Advantages of Wildcard SSL Certificate are:

  • Unlimited Protection: This SSL comes with an “*” and offers unlimited security to all subdomains along with the main domain, so various SSL certificates are not required.
  • Various Validations: Issuance of Wildcard SSL certificate can be done in two validations, i.e., Domain Validation and Organization Validation.
  • Budget-Friendly & Time Saver: One certificate suffices the entire security requirement, thus saving time and money.
  • Strong Encryption Security: Wildcard SSL certificates come with the highest level of encryption, i.e., 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit CSR encryption.
  • Browser/Mobile Compatibility: These SSL certificates are compatible and trusted by 99% of the browsers and servers all over the globe. They are compatible with mobile gadgets too.
  • Rapid Issuance:  Wildcard SSL does not take much time and can be issued within 5 minutes.
  • Trust Seal: Their trust logo on the web pages delivers confidence to the visitors and increases web traffic.
  • Unlimited server licenses and free re-issuances: Additional features of Wildcard SSL certificates include unlimited server licenses and free renewals.

Certificate Authority vs Authorized Re-sellers:

Certificate Authority (CA) is an organization that issues digital certificates by validating websites, companies, and individuals. Any company or an individual, who has applied for an SSL certificate, must undergo a pre-defined verification. This in-depth investigation is carried carefully because if there are any flaws in the same, it could lead to collateral damage. After the investigation is satisfactorily completed, the CA’s will issue the SSL certificate to the respective entity.

But the question is: With CA’s in charge of SSL certificate issuances, where do authorized resellers stand? Why are they needed?

With the huge demand for SSL certificates amongst entities, CA’s are unable to handle their needs on a timely basis. Hence, they need the help of certified resellers who are efficient in handling clients, their queries, and issues on the purchase or installation of an SSL certificate.

These resellers buy SSL certificates in bulk from CA’s, and hence they can provide these certificates at very nominal rates to customers and companies. But the primary investigation process still lies in the hands of CA only. Thus, the reseller acts as a mediator between the Certificate Authority and website owners.

Cheapest Wildcard SSL Certificate Providers:

Below we have found some best wildcard SSL certificate providers for your consideration that will secure your website immediately and save it from prying eyes.

#1. Comodo:

Comodo is one of the global pioneers of security solutions, which protects sensitive data in digital files. This cybersecurity company provides robust security against malware and ransomware by protecting LAN, web site, server, and cloud by its innovative technologies.

These certificates also come with a site seal and 99% browser compatibility along with strong encryption security. Moreover, you will have unlimited reissuance, 2048-bit CSR encryption, unlimited subdomains protection too.

Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard $45.00/yr. PURCHASE
Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard $50.00/yr. PURCHASE
Comodo Positive SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard $120.00/yr. PURCHASE

#2. RapidSSL:

RapidSSL gives a tough competition to Comodo by providing low cost and free SSL certificates for small and medium business. It secures many online businesses and websites that use your e-commerce site with 256-bit encryption security and hence for protection against cyber-criminals and data sniffing.

RapidSSL SSL certificates are issued by GeoTrust Inc., which is the 2nd largest CA in the world. The issuance time is quick, and since discount offers are available round the year, you get strong web security at cheaper rates. For instance, at CheapSSLShop, you get DV Wildcard SSL at $68.00/yr of this brand.

Product Name Best Price Buy/Renew
RapidSSL Wildcard SSL Certificate $68.00/yr. Purchase

#3. Thawte:

Thawte online securities are also trusted by millions all around the globe. Available in both validations, DV and OV, Thawte SSL certificate prices range from USD 25.60/year to USD 239.20/year.

Thawte SSL Webserver Wildcard (OV) is available at the cost of $239.20/yr and comes with a warranty of $1,250,000. Robust encryption, money-back guarantees, and unlimited re-issuance make entities crave for Thawte for their SSL requirements.

Product Name Best Price Buy/Renew
Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard $239.20/yr. Purchase

#4. GeoTrust:

GeoTrust, which is now a subsidiary of DigiCert, is one of the largest certificate providers with a base of more than 1,00,000 customers in more than 150 countries. GeoTrust SSL certificates come with a free GeoTrust True Site Seal, wherein any visitor can click the seal and verify the authenticity of the website and business.

GeoTrust True Business ID Wildcard SSL secures both www and non-www URLs with 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit key length and is available at $303.20/yr. GeoTrust offers businesses, budget-friendly security expenses, and hence is best for medium-sized business websites who wish to secure unlimited hostnames.

Product Name Best Price Buy/Renew
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard $303.20/yr. Purchase

#5. GlobalSign:

GlobalSign certificate provider not only provides SSL certificates but also into giving cloud-based PKI solutions for companies for safe online communications and transactions. This service provider automates authentication and encryption in the form of various SSL certificates.

GlobalSign Domain SSL Wildcard (DV) can be quickly issued and is available at a discounted rate of $519.20/yr and comes with a GlobalSign secure site seal. It is mainly used by banking sectors and financial institutions apart from large e-commerce companies.

Product Name Best Price Buy / Renew
GlobalSign Domain SSL Wildcard $519.20/yr. Purchase

How to Find the Best Wildcard SSL Certificate?

You have searched around when you decided to purchase wildcard SSL certificate. However, there are few things to be considered while choosing top wildcard SSL certificate for your website.

1. About Brands:

There are many reputed brands of Wildcard SSL certificates available in the market. A few of them are Comodo, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte, GlobalSign, DigiCert, etc. All these brands have different features and different prices. Many reputable companies like Yahoo, Amazon, Google, eBay, Microsoft, etc. They have already implemented SSL certificates to protect their websites.

2. About Customer Support:

Though SSL certificates are cost-effective, excellent customer support is a priority of many clients. Hence, these brands rule the net by providing excellent customer support, round the clock, and all 365 days a year. Expert help for installation and query solving gives positive vibes to the customer who is ready to spend on SSL security. This helps improve brand recognition too.

3. About Money-Back Guarantee:

Many entities that spend on SSL security may have doubts about the dissatisfaction of products or money being wasted. Most of these digital products come with 30 days money-back offers. This refund policy guarantees satisfaction to the customer to opt for SSL security at zero risks.

4. Renewal Benefits:

Many SSL providers offer early renewal benefits that can save your cost to be spend at time of renewal. The average period is 3 months before that you can apply for renewal of your current certificate. It will add remaining days in your renewed SSL certificate at discounted price.


Domain and sub-domain security, strong encryption, quick issuance, mobile/browser compatibility, warranties, refund policies, unlimited server licenses, re-issuances along with site seal; all these factors make a Wildcard SSL certificate successful.

I hope this article clears your confusion that, though there are many cheap certificate providers in the market, Cheap SSL Shop beats them all. Be it their unbeatable prices or attractive discounts; you get all your digital security stuff under a single roof. Cheers!!

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