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How Much Does an SSL Certificate Cost?


The SSL Certificate cost ranges from $5 to $500 or potentially more, depending on your needs. Understand the total SSL Certificate cost, Types of SSL certificates, Security features,  Brands, Warranty, Renewal, and more.

As internet usage increases, it has also been targeted by hackers. There have been multiple data breaches for the most famous brands in the world. Companies must install an SSL Certificate that will prevent such attacks like MITM, Phishing, and more. It is also essential for web admins to know that the SSL certificate cost will depend on a number of things.

Understandably, most IT teams are curious to know about the SSL certificate cost. With an increased risk from hackers, it is suggested that adequate protection must be in place to prevent malware attacks.

In this article, we will discuss how much an SSL certificate costs and the factors that affect its prices.

How much does an SSL certificate cost?

Technology made SSL Certificate prices affordable and comes relatively cheaper than before. The SSL certificate cost depends on a variety of factors like certificate types and brands.

The Domain Validation (DV) certificates available as low as $5.00 as an annual cost from CheapSSLShop. The cost of an Organizational Validation (OV) certificate is approximately $60.00 per year. The Extended Validation (EV) certificates can have a starting cost of around $49.00 every year.

Similarly, the SSL certificate cost can also vary depending on the number of domains to be secured. The single-domain certificates can have a starting cost of $5.00 as an annual cost. The Wildcard certificates can start from $45.00, while the Multi-Domain certificate can start from $21.60 a year.

Types of SSL Certificates

There are several types of SSL certificates, and they can be classified based on the following:

  1. Validation levels
  2. Number of domains supported

SSL Certificate Cost Based on Validation Levels

DV SSL Certificates Cost

They are basic-level certificates and have the lowest validation level. The validation process is relatively simple, and you must only verify that you own the domain. These certificates are ideal for websites that do not involve storing personal information. The DV SSL certificate price is relatively low.

Comodo Positive SSL DV $5.00/yr. PURCHASE
RapidSSL Standard SSL Certificate DV $6.80/yr. PURCHASE
RapidSSL Wildcard SSL DV $68.00/yr. PURCHASE
Comodo Essential SSL DV $7.20/yr. PURCHASE
Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard DV $45.00/yr. PURCHASE
Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard DV $50.00/yr. PURCHASE
Comodo Positive SSL Multi Domain DV $21.60/yr. PURCHASE
Comodo Exchange Server SSL (UCC) DV $60.00/yr. PURCHASE
Comodo Positive SSL Multi-Domain Wildcard DV $120.00/yr. PURCHASE
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium DV $32.00/yr. PURCHASE
Thawte SSL123 DV $25.60/yr. PURCHASE
GlobalSign DomainSSL DV $159.20/yr. PURCHASE
GlobalSign Domain SSL Wildcard DV $519.20/yr. PURCHASE

OV SSL Certificates Cost

The validation levels are a bit higher than the DV certificates. It would help if you verified the organization, too, apart from validating the domain ownership. The business organization is also validated by the Certificate Authority (CA). They are ideally used for business sites and websites that require their user credentials to log in.

Thawte SSL Web Server OV 3 Days or Less $60.00/yr. PURCHASE
GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificate OV 3 Days or Less $63.20/yr. PURCHASE
GeoTrust Multi Domain SSL OV 3 Days or Less $240.00/yr. PURCHASE
GlobalSign OrganizationSSL OV 3 Days or Less $199.20/yr. PURCHASE
Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard OV 3 Days or Less $239.20/yr. PURCHASE
DigiCert Secure Site OV 3 Days or Less $239.20/yr. PURCHASE
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard OV 3 Days or Less $303.20/yr. PURCHASE
DigiCert Secure Site Pro OV 5 Days or Less $687.20/yr. PURCHASE

EV SSL Certificates cost

These certificates undergo the highest level of validation and are the safest among these. It involves checking the physical and legal existence of the business, apart from the operational existence. There is a telephonic validation call to verify the employment status of the requestor.

The EV certificates are ideal for Fortune 500 companies, banks and financial institutions, e-commerce companies, and other enterprises.

Comodo EV SSL EV $49.00/yr. PURCHASE
Thawte SSL Web Server EV EV $119.20/yr. PURCHASE
GeoTrust True BusinessID EV EV $127.20/yr. PURCHASE
GeoTrust Multi Domain EV EV $390.00/yr. PURCHASE
GlobalSign ExtendedSSL EV $519.20/yr. PURCHASE
DigiCert Secure Site EV EV $623.20/yr. PURCHASE
DigiCert Secure Site Pro EV EV $927.20/yr. PURCHASE

SSL Certificate Cost Based on the Number of Domains Supported

Single Domain Certificate Cost

These certificates provide security for only one domain listed in the Certificate Signing Request (CSR). It can be used to secure the non-www domain too. Single domain certificate cost starts from $5/Yr and can be issued within minutes and can allow the padlock to be shown on the address bar..

Wildcard SSL Certificate Cost

The Wildcard SSL protects the primary domain and the associated first-level sub-domains. However, one of the critical points to note is that it will not protect the second-level sub-domains if any.

Product Name Type Cheapest Price Details
Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard DV $45.00/yr. Buy Now
Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard DV $50.00/yr. Buy Now
RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate DV $68.00/yr. Buy Now
Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard OV $239.20/yr. Buy Now
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard OV $303.20/yr. Buy Now
GlobalSign Domain SSL Wildcard DV $519.20/yr. Buy Now

Benefits of SSL Certificates

Protects data

The SSL certificates allow encryption of the communication exchanged between the web server and the visitor’s browser. Hence, it can protect any man-in-the-middle attacks as the information being exchanged can be deciphered only by the desired recipient. Therefore, it is ideal for websites that store sensitive information of the customers. All e-commerce websites are mandated to install SSL certificates to adhere to the PCI-DSS guidelines.

Reduce risks from phishing

Phishing is a standard method by which internet users are fraudulently led to a website that resembles other brands. The users are directed to provide their sensitive information which is then used for various malicious purposes. A valid certificate can ensure that fraudsters cannot use your brand to carry out their illegal activities. It also helps in enhancing your brand image among the audience.

Enthuses trust in the visitors’ minds

Web browsers mark websites that do not support HTTPS as “Not Secure.” Visitors usually abandon the website when they see this warning. As a result, websites lose out on visitors, and the conversion ratio decreases too. The use of an SSL certificate can help to remove these warnings and cultivate trust in the users’ minds. Every certificate comes with a Trust Seal that can be placed on the checkout page.

Authenticates the website

The SSL certificate is issued to a business to secure its website only after a proper validation mechanism. The CA undertakes the exercise based on the type of validation chosen by the company. The Extended Validation certificates are provided only after complete verification of the website and the business. It can assure the visitors that they are interacting with a recognized website and can undertake online transactions also.

Assures better search rankings

Search engines have a mission to ensure safe browsing for their users. Back in 2014, the Google algorithm provided lightweight preference to secure websites. It would mean that if all parameters were the same, the HTTPS websites would rank higher during a keyword search. When websites are vying for better eyeball share, it is an essential factor in ensuring a higher number of website visitors.

Affordable pricing

Many web admins are worried and often ask how much SSL certificates cost. The certificates are affordable and can fit your IT budget. Always select the certificate that will suit your needs based on the number of web assets you own. There are several options, and many of the certificates are also offered at deeply discounted prices. In addition, they come with several add-ons like a warranty value, a Trust Seal, and 24/7 customer service.


How much is an SSL certificate going to cost?

The cost can vary according to the type of certificate chosen. It can also vary according to the web assets that you own. So always consider your needs and the added features that come with the product.

Where can I buy an SSL certificate?

CheapSSLShop is the best place to buy SSL certificates at a cheap price. We give huge discounts to users compared to CAs.


There has been an increased risk that websites face against cyberattacks. It can lead to severe financial repercussions, and businesses must install an SSL certificate. The article mainly provides an overview of how much does an SSL certificate costs. It can be helpful to your web admin. However, you must buy a certificate that will suit your bespoke needs.

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