Google’s Big Move: Entrust Certificates to Be Blocked in Chrome Starting November 2024

Google Chrome Ends Support for Entrust Certificates

Google Chrome is set to prevent the use of SSL certificates issued by Entrust.

Google Chrome specifically blocks SSL certificates issued by Entrust starting from November 2024. This news shows the importance of certificate security compliance and customers’ digital privacy, which a Certificate Authority must understand. Google announced that all SSL certificates from Entrust will be invalid or distrusted in the Google Chrome browser. 

Before moving ahead, it is essential to understand a few key points here:

Certificate Trust: Google Chrome and other browsers generally trust the SSL certificates issued by the Certificate Authorities, which is part of its trusted root store. 

SSL/TLS Security: SSL certificate is a crucial security keeping customers’ data private during the transition from the server to the browser and vice versa. It ensures that SSL certificates are properly managed and maintained for online trust and security.

Distrust Scenario: Browsers start to distrust SSL certificates issued by a particular Certificate Authority when it fails to obey certain rules and security compliance related to SSL certificates, issues certificates improperly, issues certificates in the revocation process, does not meet security standards, etc.

Now, let us understand the main cause of such a significant step that Google has taken.

Why Has Google Taken This Step?

Since the last few months, Entrust has been experiencing issues related to certificate revocation and lapses in maintaining security standards. Also, Entrust failed to satisfy Google by not making measurable progress against the publicly disclosed incident report. Such negligence and lack of progress compelled Google to distrust all root certificates issued by Entrust.

Impact on Users and Businesses

This is shocking news for Entrust individual and business category customers, as Google has distrusted Entrust certificates. Google already has provided a solution to Entrust customers in its blog. It also stated that the certificates issued by other Certificate Authorities would not be affected. 

Choose a Reliable Certificate Authority

Certificate authority plays an important role in digital security. Entrust SSL customers can choose a reliable certificate provider that can fulfill their web security requirements. Certificate authority provides data security, data integrity and authentication. Many SSL providers offer discounts and a wide range of SSL certificates that Entrust SSL customers can choose and migrate their current SSL certificates to a new one.

How CheapSSLShop Can Help?

As we discussed above, if your website is affected by an Entrust SSL certificate then, you will have to select a different SSL provider. CheapSSLShop can assist you in resolving this situation. Google suggests a straightforward and dependable option: transitioning to a different SSL provider. In this situation, we can provide more assistance by providing dependable SSL certificates that meet your budget and website security needs.

Our streamlined process for issuing certificates will assist you as you transition away from Entrust. You have the option to go to the website to see promotions, sign-up steps, and additional information.

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