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UCC SSL Certificate: The Ideal Choice for Multiple Domain Security

ucc ssl certificate

A Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) SSL certificate protects multiple domains and subdomains.

The masses love digitalization due to its convenience, but this convenience comes with a heavy price in the form of scammers and hackers. 

To prevent these unauthorized intrusions from invading your networks, web developers always develop various digital securities. The more these securities try to catch or prevent them. The smarter these hackers have become in invading your privacy.

SSL certificate is one such digital security solution that helps prevent these hackers from gaining your sensitive data. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This digital certificate is loved for its encryption security which secures your entire web with 256-bit encryption.

SSL certificates come in varied types and secure your web in multiple ways.

This article will discuss the UCC SSL Certificate and how it helps to secure a whooping 250 domains (depending upon provider) with a single certificate.

What is a UCC SSL Certificate?

UCC (Unified Communications Certificate) is a budget-friendly certificate because it helps secure many domains and the first level of subdomains with a single certificate.

This certificate is also termed a Multi-Domain SSL certificate or SAN certificate and helps in protecting various sites present on varied servers.

In short, a multi-Domain SSL certificate secures all FQDN (fully qualified domain names) with only one certificate.

UCC SSL can secure up to 250 domains.

Of course, the upper cap on the count of domains that a UCC SSL certificate can secure solely depends on the Certificate Authority. Since multiple domains are involved in this certificate, the 1st domain comprises the primary/root domain, and the remaining domains are termed as SANs (Subject Alternative Names).

The “Issued To” field in the certificate will display the primary domain name, and the same stands true for the name displayed on the site seal. All the other domains and subdomains protected and encrypted by UCC SSL will be listed in the SAN field in the certificate.

Usually, UCCs come with free 2-4 SANs, but they permit the addition of more SANs.

You can add domains and list them as SANs, but the common name cannot be modified or altered. Also, modification of the current SANs will require the re-issuance of the certificate. That remains stagnant.

In case of privacy issues, you don’t wish to expose all the attached sites on the same certificate, and you can opt for another type of SSL certificate.

Available Validations for UCC SSL:

UCC (Multi-domain SSL) certificate is available in 2 validations.

  • Domain Validation (DV) SSL:

The verification process of the UCC (Domain Validation) SSL certificate is concise because it’s paperless. The CA cross-checks the domain name stated in the CSR with the WHOIS record, and once the same is confirmed, they issue the certificate.

The task takes only a few minutes, and once the certificate is installed on your website, it immediately secures your site’s domains and subdomains.

  • Organisation Validation (OV) SSL:

The verification process of the UCC (Organisation Validation) SSL certificate is lengthier since the CA verifies the registration and legitimacy of the company’s documents before issuing the certificate. This process takes a few days, and hence issuance time of the UCC OV SSL certificate is 1-3 business days.

There are varied SSL certificate providers which offer low-cost or cheap UCC SSL certificates.


Comodo UCC SSL certificate is available at a reasonable rate of $21.60/year. Any addition in domains is possible by paying the desired amount that needs to be paid per domain.

These certificates are more preferred for Microsoft Exchange Servers and Microsoft

How does UCC SSL Certificate Work for Multiple Domains?

One UCC SSL certificate can secure various company websites with encryption and prevent intruders from fulfilling their malicious motives.

It can be used to secure varied domains and subdomains like:

Domains Subdomains

 Features of UCC SSL:

The strong features of the UCC SSL certificate, which prompt many companies to opt for it are:

  • UCC SSL certificates secure up to 250 www and non-www domains approximately with one certificate.
  • They also secure the web with SHA-2 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit RSA signature keys.
  • It carries more than a 99% compatibility rate with major browsers and mobiles.
  • They come with up to $250,000 warranties to cover unwanted situations.
  • These certificates provide free re-issuances.
  • An excellent customer support team is available 24/7 to fix your issues.
  • They come with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction.
  • They are available in two validations, i.e., OV & DV.
  • They secure all MS communications and exchange servers and MS services.
  • They come with a Site Seal to enhance user trust. 

How to Acquire a Standard UCC Certificate?

The procedure is similar to acquiring an SSL certificate. Firstly, you need to contact an SSL provider and select the UCC SSL certificate. 

After that, you need to generate a CSR (certificate signing request) on the server, and the primary domain name must be listed at FQDN (fully qualified domain name). All the remaining domains will be listed as SANs. Then complete the certificate configuration process and domain validation process.

After completing the verification process on all the listed domains, the Certificate Authority will issue this SAN certificate. Install this certificate on various servers as well as websites.


The main advantage of UCC SSL is that it takes away a load of managing varied certificates for various sites since a single certificate secures your entire digital web. Thus, UCC SSL provides the dual advantage of being cost-friendly and hassle-free.

Another benefit of UCC SSL is that it provides only one expiry date for all the listed domains and subdomains, thus making renewal easy. Certificate providers also send reminders before the expiry of the certificate to avoid security lapses due to the certificate’s expiry.


Multiple domains are secured with one single certificate, and hence, only one private key and the public key are used in the entire process. It may be risky because if the private key is exposed, all the sites and their data may be at risk of being misused by scammers. 

So, in a nutshell, if one certificate is compromised, it may pose a threat to your entire digital infrastructure.

Final Words:

You have ample options to buy UCC SSL certificates. You can purchase these certificates from the CA’s leading site but let me warn you that they may be a costly affair. 

These CA’s sell their products to certificate resellers who buy these digital security products in large quantities and can offer them at cheap rates.

You can get your desired digital security at nominal rates from these resellers who offer huge discounts on the same stuff.

So, what are you waiting for? Approach the best SSL certificate provider who can provide you with the cheapest UCC SSL certificates at cost-effective rates.

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